Monday, September 7, 2020

Arokan's Adventure: Teacher (Leah)

 Teacher (Leah)

Leah was 25. She specialized in science. She taught at Bounce University. She died when she lost in Kirby's Dreamland 2.


She was recently shocked by the class's usual storming in. She taught at class by throwing a potion on a fish toy and, in result, making it come alive. She gave Trevor a whack in the head because he poured a potion that gave the fish rabies. She put him on the "Punished" wall. She then carried a tray-full of potions. She tripped on a stone and poured them all on a fish toy. This caused it to turn into a demon fish. It ate a classmate, and then the crack that it caused was patched into a part of the floor with a caution sign on it. Without knowing, Leah Jr. went right to the scene of danger and fell in. Then she poured a potion that caused everything to go back to normal on the demon fish, causing it to go back to normal. Leah then carried a tray-full of potions more, and clinked it on a table. She was carrying a dangerous machine, but Trevor, who managed to get himself off the "Punished" wall, tackled her, causing the machine to fly out the window. It skipped across the Illusions Church, then the Balloon Shuttle Contact Tower, then right above the Bushy Store, and right on a baby carriage. The baby, Arokan, became 265 feet tall, and had the ability to change everything she breathed on. 


She was the player in the game Kirby's Dreamland 2, the game that Trevor, then a monkey, who was regretting about him causing it all in the first place, played. He got mad when he lost, and Leah died.